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The Versorgungswerk is the pension scheme of the Landesärztekammer Hessen
(chamber of physicians in the federal state Hesse).

Physicians who work in Hesse are mandatory members of both the chamber and the VWLÄKH. Employed members of the VWLÄKH may be exempted from the membership in the state run pension scheme Deutsche Rentenversicherung under specific circumstances upon request.

It provides retirement pensions as well as pensions in the case of disability.
Widows and orphans of deceased members are also eligible for financial support.

The highest body of our organisation is the “Delegiertenversammlung” which is the parliament of all Hessian physicians and functions as a supervisory board. It has 80 members, who are elected by all the members of the chamber of physicians in Hesse.

The Board of Directors of the VWLÄKH has 7 voluntary members.
They are supposed to be physicians. The current members are:

  • Dr. Titus Freiherr Schenck zu Schweinsberg (chair)
  • Dr. Susan Trittmacher (acting chair)
  • Dr. Brigitte Ende
  • Dr. Sabine Engelbrecht
  • Dr. Christian Gehrke
  • Dr. Heike Raestrup
  • Dr. Detlev Steininger

The day-to-day business is handled by 3 business units. The managers of those units are:

  • Claudia Blauth (Asset Management)
  • Oliver Heinz-van Beek (Internal Services)
  • Astrid Strobach (Member Services)

§ 5a of the Heilberufsgesetz (law for the healing professions in the state of Hesse) is the legal foundation of the VWLÄKH. It gives the chamber of physicians the power to establish an own pension scheme for their members.

The statute (Satzung and Versorgungsordnung) contains all the central legal provisions regarding the relations between the different bodies of the organisation, the membership, and the benefits.

The semi-autonomous VWLÄKH is part of the corporation under public law Landesärztekammer Hessen.
It manages its own capital.


Please register at the Landesärztekammer Hessen (chamber). After you met the necessary requirements your data is forwarded automatically to the VWLÄKH. After reviewing the data, you receive our registration forms.

You can find further information (in German) in the main menus “Für Mitglieder” and “Infothek”.
All the forms can be downloaded from the section “Formulare
(see right side of the page).

Postal address: Versorgungswerk der LAEKH, Hanauer Landstrasse 150, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

E-Mail: info@vw-laekh.de

Phone: 0049 69 97964-0